August 8, 2010
He In Me(Writing Part)


When he was young, he used to enjoy going outside and hanging around with his friends. Unfortunately, he had to come home even earlier than everybody; otherwise his dad would close the door. Even when he came home late he knew that his dad would be downstairs waiting to open the door for him! He still followed his dad’s discipline. It made him feel that he could be happy with his life only within his dad’s boundary, questions popping into his mind

Why did his dad force him to came back earlier than usual for kids?

Was night time too frightening for him?

He never knew

With everything that he opened his mouth to ask his dad, the answer wasn’t the answer that he think it ought to have been.

            His family is a stable Chinese one, but many stories are buried in their history and it’s so complicated.

            The more close you get, the more distressful you experience.

His mum is so adorable, and she has a strong heart, but he almost never look up to her with great respect. Maybe that’s why deep in his mind He always look down on female gender, and He never feel that female gender is pitiful and weak.

Since He was born, He always saw how his parents reacted to each other, and he could see how powerful his dad was in his family, so maybe that’s why in his mind he realized that his mom is totally ineffectual.

He is equanimity.

She is even more equanimity.

What he realizes from this is that his parents directly connected to his mind and made it subtly absorb every word, every action he saw, and transformed and adjusted it into a new aspect.